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The World Wide Web presents UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!

The Important People
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Here is my Dad. Everyone liked him unless you were an idiot.

My Dad, Louis Ross
My Father had the most terrific personality of anyone I have ever met.

My Mom at the keyboard, thinking of those expensive piano lessons for Ray and me. 

My Mom, Josephine Ross
She sang and played and makes one hell of a dish of spaghetti

The apple of Dad's eye, my Daughter, Gina

My Daughter, Gina Ross
My beautiful kid. She's smiling because she loves me or my check cleared (only kidding, honey)

 Ray Ross

My Brother, Ray Ross
Ray loves pizza almost as much as playing records. Sure makes a mess when he gets them mixed up.

An Aunt who was much more like a sister

My Aunt Margie
Simply the sweetest person ever. You can't do any better than that.

You are now back in time...the '50's and early 60' on UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!