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The World Wide Web presents UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!

The Important Places
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Here are a few of the important places; the ones that I remember so well. They all made an impact on me, my family and all our lives.

92 Grape Street, Rochester, NY
I lived here from 1952 to 1960. We didn't have the aluminum siding, but we had fun here!

1960-'67. 807 Broad Street . Knocked down now.
Its sad what became of this house years after we left. How can people let this happen?

# 17 School (Whitney) Gramar School
I was here from '57 to '64. It was replaced by a larger school in '67.

Rochester, New York...a wonderful city!

Rochester is the birthplace of Mitch Miller, Chuck Mangione and Hugh O'brien

You are now back in time...the '50's and early 60' on UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!