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The World Wide Web presents UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!

The Music Page part 2
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Did you remember to change the needle?


Elvis Presley
Forever the king of Rock and Roll, Elvis helped change our culture with one swivel of his hips

Buddy Holly and The Crickets
His influence is felt even today. Not bad for a skinny kid who didn't look like a rock star

Ricky Nelson
A kid from the suburbs who smuggled rock and roll into our homes. Thanks Ricky!


A cool turquoise & white GE radio. How many rock and roll classics were heard first on something like this?

"Do you remember all the guys that gave us Rock & Roll"...Beach Boys, 1964

Lets hear from you!


Heres a timely tip: Never drive your Edsel thru a car wash with the windows open. However if you must, keep mouth closed to avoid swallowing soap.

You are now back in time...the '50's and early 60' on UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!