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The World Wide Web presents UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!

The TV Page part 2

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A few memorable shows from the 50's and '60's
We had only 2 channels. You had to adjust the rabbit ears. It was black & white. And it was great!

George Reeves
A hero to his fans; whether he was Superman, Clark Kent, or George Reeves.

Listen below for a 1953 George Reeves commercial for Kelloggs!

Clayton Moore
No one will ever have to ask "Who was that masked man?" He is Clayton Moore.

A beautiful color photo of Clayton Moore with Silver. 

The Cisco Kid
Leo Carillo and Duncan Renaldo. "Heres adventure, heres romance..."

"Oh Cisco..."Oh Pancho..."

You are now back in time...the '50's and early 60' on UNCLE RUSSIE IN OUTER SPACE!